Hello friends and neighbors!

The purpose of this letter is to notify the community of the potential closing of the Park Church Co-op at 129 Russell Street in June of 2020 and to inform our neighbors of what they can do to affect this decision. After a 9 month extension, the Park Church Co-op has ceased to receive funding from the Metropolitan New York Synod. The core community members of the Park Church have submitted a business plan to Metropolitan New York Synod showing how we can continue as an interdependent, autonomous congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in the MNYS. This plan means that we can keep our doors open for Sunday worship as well as provide much needed humanitarian, educational and arts programming for North Brooklyn. Without this autonomous status, the building will likely be sold/ re-developed.

Our business plan will be presented at a September 5th Synod Council meeting. It is imperative that ahead of this meeting our neighbors speak out for the vibrancy, necessity and religious faith in Christ growing on Russell Street. With your help, we anticipate a positive vote on the change of status at the full synod council meeting on September 21st.

Important points to highlight:

  1. How being part of the Park Church Co-op has strengthened or awakened your faith in God and how this community of faith has made a positive change in the neighborhood and larger community.

  2. Your support for the change of status and how you plan to concretely participate in the ongoing ministry of Park Church Co-op.

  3. The beauty and significance of the building that houses our work.

  4. The impact that Park Church Co-op’s programming has made on families, homeless, LGBTQ community, musicians, artists and any other friends who have shared this space.

You may send your letters of support to:

Attn: Bishop Egensteiner

Metropolitan New York Synod

475 Riverside Drive


New York, NY


Please email a copy of your letter to info@parkchurchcoop.org and we will print the letters to hand deliver to additional Synod Council members at the September 5th meeting.

With Grace,

The Park Church Co-op Core Leadership Team