The Park Church Coop

Following Jesus' command to love our neighbors.

Over 100 years of Lutheran ministry in Greenpoint -- foundation for the future. Sharing the love of Christ through meaningful worship and by building community and partnerships with leaders, artists, musicians and our neighbors. 

The ARtist's Rule

  Sundays 11 a.m.

We begin a journey of exploration together using the arts as a way to discover our inner monk. 

For 12 weeks we will use the book The Artist's Rule by Christine Valters Painter as a template for worship. Using art materials and journaling during the worship experience, we will listen for the Spirit's leading. You do not have to begin this journey on the first Sunday. Join us anytime. 

We are an inclusive church, where everyone is truly welcome. We invite you to experience God in community with us. 

Outdoor dinner in the park. 

Outdoor dinner in the park. 

Dinner and holy Conversation

Eat together, sing together, talk together, pray together

There's a place for you at the table


Around the table we explore how God is revealed in the community gathered and in the breaking of the bread. Communal meals are sacred time, when we are vulnerable with those gathered with us to share food and conversation. We open up about our hopes and fears and reflect on the topic for the evening. Meals are potluck and include offerings from the local farmers' market (Down to Earth Markets). 

Sound Church: A sonic Meditation


We take time to connect with each other and something bigger than ourself by joining our breath and our voices in chant. We make sound and listen in the silence for the voice of the Divine. We have fun singing together and we have a brief time of reflection about a reading that supports the theme of the night. 

Debbie Attias and Pastor Amy Kienzle lead this unique experience. Debbie is trained in sound healing, and offers her passions and gifts to give participants