Worship in the Round

  Sundays 11 a.m.

Ours in an alternative to traditional worship. If you are familiar with sitting in pews and listening to a sermon, this is something a bit different. 

We gather in the beautiful church space upstairs, but we sit in the round near the altar. We sing and pray together. Pastor Amy gives a reflection on the text and invites others to offer their thoughts, reflections, questions and how they hear God speaking to them. 

We share the communion meal of bread and wine, passing it around the circle and feeding each other. It is a more intimate way to engage this ancient ritual. We are invited to come close to the action and be part of the drama. 

We are an inclusive church, where everyone is truly welcome. We invite you to experience God in community with us. 

First Thursday 8:30pm Compline (Choral night prayer)

You are invited to meditation and reflection

Every first Thursday of the month, a talented group of vocalists sing ancient prayers to create a rich ambiance for your prayer and meditation. The church is dark, except for the light of candles flickering at the front. The mood is peaceful while keeping a sense of Divine mystery. It is a way for you to decompress at the end of the day. 

Sound Church: A sonic Meditation

Sunday Evening,6pm

Once a Month (Check the Calendar)

One one Sunday evening of each month, we take time to connect with each other and something bigger than ourselves by joining our breath and our voices in chant. We make sound and listen in the silence for the voice of the Divine. We have fun singing together and we have a brief time of reflection about a reading that supports the theme of the night. 

Debbie Attias and Pastor Amy Kienzle lead this unique experience. Debbie is trained in sound healing, and offers her passions and gifts to give participants 

Open sanctuary 

check our calendar of events for times

The church is open 11am to 3pm, usually Fridays. You are invited to come in and pray or meditate. There will be someone from our community there to greet you and answer any questions you might have. Our space is open to our community as a place of spiritual nurture.