At the Park Church Coop we believe working together builds community.  Volunteering with us not only helps us further the Park Church Coop mission, but also helps you gain new skills and experience for future endeavors. Below is a list of ongoing opportunities available to volunteer at the Park Church Coop. 

Open Sanctuary Hours: The church is seeking volunteers to act as a docent and monitor our sanctuary space during the daytime so that it can be open to the community. Volunteers are free to use the space as well as our wifi to get quiet work done.

Duties include:

-Securely opening and closing the sanctuary

-Greeting guests who come in

-Collect donations, distribute informational material



Farmers Market Sundays: The church is seeking volunteers to set up an info table at the farmers market on Sundays (10am-noon) in McGolrick Park.

Duties include:

-Distributing Informational material

-Selling Church Merchandise (Tote bags and Tee Shirts)


Sunday Coffee Hour: Members of the church rotate responsibility each week of setting up coffee hour after service.

Duties Include:

-Make coffee, arrange snacks

-Set up and clean up


Pop-up Library Volunteer Librarian: The Church will be hosting a pop-up library beginning in July and through the fall and we are seeking volunteers to open and close the church for the library.  Fall hours will be Tuesdays-Thursdays 12pm-4pm.

Duties include:

-opening the church 

-watching over the collection of books

-helping guests loan books

-closing the church


Volunteer Leftovers Rescuer: The Church is partnering with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, a national food rescue organization that provides solutions to prevent excess wholesome cuisine from being wasted. Rescuing Leftover Cuisine has several different events every day of the week from 10AM to 10:30PM, and you can set your own schedule.

Duties include:

-helping rescue excess food from local food businesses from being thrown away

-delivering the food to nearby homeless shelters


New Sanctuary Movement of NYC: The Church is partnerning with The New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC, an interfaith network that recognizes the many inequalities immigrants face and work diligently  to reform immigration laws within the United States. Interested volunteers, contact:

(646) 395-2925

239 Thompson St

NY, NY 10012